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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Wartime 1944: Christmas Day

My Dad, like many of yours, proudly served in the United States military during World War II. He lied about his age, joined the Navy and signed up for most of his pay to be sent home to help my Grandmother provide for the seven younger siblings. My Grandfather had been injured in a saw mill accident and wasn't able to work regularly. Times were still hard in west Lauderdale County even though other areas of the U.S. seemed to have come out of the Great Depression with President Roosevelt's work programs and the manufacturing of war related goods.


I found this Christmas menu in his discharge folder:


Christmas Eve, December 24, 1944

Ships Chronicle Editorial:

Tonight, as you all know, is Christmas Eve. I know that it doesn't mean very much to us being so very far from home and the ones we love so dearly. Still, it is the birthday of Jesus Christ, the Son of our Lord, and should celebrated in the best way possible. At this time, we, the entire Staff of the Asiatic and Pacific Chronicle, and it's volunteer helpers, wish to extend to you the wish for a very Merry Christmas and may you have many, many years, much more happier than this one we will spend as a crew aboard our ship.

Captain, USS Soley


Christmas Day Dinner Menu on board ship:

Cream of tomato soup

Roast turkey and gravy

Sage dressing

Mashed potatoes

Creamed peas

Buttered fresh carrots

Cranberry sauce

Fruit salad

Chocolate cream pie

nuts- ripe and green olives


  1. We'll never know the hardships much of the military endured during both world wars. Thanks so much for publishing this!

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